A Classic Reinvented – Our Beautiful New-Style Massaging Slippers 

For our twentieth birthday we have modernised our much loved Massaging Slippers, creating a new slip-on Zen design in stunning Japanese Brocades.  Retaining all the beautifully made loveliness of the original; the pretty rounded toes, the sumptuous patterned brocades, the effective textured magnetic insoles, these really are more than just a pretty pair of Slippers. 

These ballerina-style Slippers are exquisitely made using exotic woven Brocade fabrics, but the magic happens in the clever removable massaging magnetic insoles, specially textured and designed to improve your circulation.  They also relieve aches in your legs and feet, gently massaging reflexology points to help enhance your metabolism and relieve pain. 

Ideal to wear while flying, in fact they were originally designed for in-flight travel to help stop swelling, they are wonderful for the office, great for yoga and perfect to wear at home.  They also happen to be non-slip and they weigh next to nothing as well as being flexible enough to fold and pop into any bag.  Best of all they are absolutely gorgeous, as pretty as a picture as well as practical and effective. 

More than Just a Pretty Pair of Slippers 

The insoles deliver the impact, so it's good to know you can remove them if you like, putting them inside another pair of shoes to experience the same massage-led comfort.  A lovely, smooth, silken Velvet lining inside the Slippers means you can also wear them without the insole if you like, just as beautiful Slippers

The insoles are based on reflexology, a complementary health therapy that has its origins in ancient Egypt, China and India, designed to promote deep relaxation and wellness through reducing stress and stimulating acupressure points in the feet. 

A popular touch therapy, it is inspired by the theory that there are reflex points in the feet related to the human lymphatic system.  Whilst a reflexologist works on these areas using their hands, aiming to bring back balance and enhancing the body’s potential for well-being, our insoles do this with their cleverly placed magnets and nodules. 

The theory around reflexology is that it helps the body restore its balance naturally.  Treatment leaves people feeling less tense and more relaxed, often enjoying better sleep and a better mood, an enhanced sense of well-being and more. 

Our gorgeous Slippers, created to take advantage of the magic of reflexology, truly are a match made in heaven!  Why not complete your look with a matching Limited Edition Eye Mask and luxury Make Up Bag?

Each pair of Massaging Slippers come with their own Organza storage bag.  The surface is easily cleaned with a damp cloth and the insoles can be washed in warm soapy water.  There's only one thing to remember – if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or a defibrillator, see your GP before wearing magnets.



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