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A beautiful relaxation set to take you from evening to morning combining the comfort, elegance and soothing properties of our Massaging Slippers with our sleep inducing Lavender Eye Mask.

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  • Description
    Our Massaging Slippers come with textured insoles; the nodules on the soles massage your feet and soothe your entire body, whilst the magnets aid pain relief and improve circulation and metabolism.  Perfect for aching legs after a long day on your feet, yoga or even in the office these non-slip and super lightweight slippers were originally designed as an inflight travel slipper to prevent swelling. 
    Filled with dried Lavender, proven to lower the heart rate, blood pressure and instantly promote relaxation the Lavender Eye Mask is ergonomically designed to completely block out any light due to its layered construction.  With a soft cotton velvet backing and soft velvet ties our Award winning Eye Mask will soothe your senses whilst you sleep.  Please note the Blue set contains a silk backed Anti Ageing Eye Mask. 
    Product Details
    Before wearing magnets, consult a doctor if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker or a defibrillator.  You can easily remove the magnetic insoles from our slippers…revealing a foot pampering, super soft velvet lining.
    We recommend that you follow our slipper size guide below.  If your feet are particularly narrow we suggest to drop a shoe size and if very wide add a shoe size.  You can always exchange them if necessary.
    Small:             UK 3-4       EU 36-37
    Medium:         UK 5-6       EU 38-39
    Large:             UK 7-8       EU 40-41 
    We are delighted to announce that some of our Eye Masks and Massaging Slippers are now vegan friendly.  Please email for an up to date list.
    Useful Information
    Eye Mask Dimensions: 24cm x 12cm
    Each set comes with a beautiful organza storage bag, perfect for travel and gifting.
    Care: Clean the surface of your Eye Mask or Massaging Slippers with a damp cloth or dry clean only.  Do not immerse in water.  Remove slipper insoles before cleaning.  These can be washed with warm soapy water and re-inserted once dry.