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You could spend hours and hours searching the internet for genuinely sustainable beauty brands and products.  The web is full of attempts at 'greenwashing' – pretending to be green when they're nothing of the sort – and rich in false marketing claims.  That's why it's really important to know exactly what makes a brand or product 'sustainable' and just as important to know that a lot of the time sustainable also means 'ethical'.

What is sustainable beauty?

There are thousands of beauty products out there and sustainability means much the same thing across all of them.  Sustainable ingredients, for example, are both organic and natural and often vegan.  Did you know most British soaps are still made using animal fats but traditional French vegetal soap is made with olive oil?  And did you know the palm oil industry is notorious for rainforest deforestation?  No wonder so many sustainable brands say it makes sense to avoid palm oil in all the products you buy, beauty products included. 

The behaviour of brands that make sustainable products is also under the microscope.  Do they source their products ethically?  Do they have an environment-focused waste management system and do they manage their resources sensibly?  Do they cause pollution or treat their employees badly?  Do they care about the amount of packaging they use and have they stopped using plastics or cut back?  Do they have a nominated charity and if so, is it sustainable?  

There are a lot of questions to ask and asking those means you're more likely to achieve sustainable beauty.  It makes a lot of sense to think carefully about your beauty regime and do what you can to make it more sustainable.

A sustainable lifestyle is all about love

We all need to do everything we can to help cut the emissions driving climate change.  We need to protect the world's precious natural environments and the creatures who live alongside us for the future, for our grandchildren and theirs.  We need to be kinder, more sensitive to the natural world, more caring.  We need to love our world more and at the end of the day that's what sustainability means.  It's about love.   

How to achieve sustainable beauty

You can buy from companies who do everything possible to be sustainable.  You could encourage your friends, family and colleagues to join you in spreading the love.  Why not make every single beauty product you buy from now on a sustainable one?  It's a great way to feel just as beautiful on the inside as you do on the outside. 

Beautiful, luxurious, sustainable Silk

Silk is the ultimate natural luxury fabric and the cultivation of silkworms, which has been going on for millennia, is naturally sustainable.  The best, most environmentally conscious silk manufacturers use eco-friendly dyes with no synthetic chemicals and the silkworms themselves eat mulberry leaves, which grow fast without pesticides or fertilisers.

Silk is a sustainable beauty product for many reasons.  It is long-lasting thanks to the incredibly strong protein fibres it's made from.  It can be recycled.  It doesn't have anything to do with plastic.  It's wholly natural and as it won’t absorb expensive face creams and hair serums which come in plastic bottles you don’t have to replenish these quite so often.

Lovely products from a responsible business

We continue to do everything we can to save precious resources and become more sustainable.  Recently we have reduced our packaging by not tissue wrapping products ordered directly from us online.  Instead, we send them in beautiful, reusable Organza bags with recyclable information cards.  This change has meant that we can use smaller envelopes and have cut almost 20% of the weight of our mail order packages.  We shall now be offering this plastic free option to our stockists too.  Less packaging means less waste and reduces pollution from postal services....it all helps.  

We continue to recycle everything we possibly can in our warehouse and office.  We have even ditched our beloved coffee pod machine and gone back to a cafeteria to save pod waste!  And our luscious own-brand products continue to be made by an NGO in India, an ethical choice we vow never to change.

Gorgeous Silk products from our Holistic Silk range

Silks sustainability means you can indulge in it, surround yourself with it, love using it every day.  And we have some stunning silk-inspired products for you.

Silk Beauty Cocoons are the perfect way to nourish, soothe and hydrate your skin, leaving it plump, luminous, smooth and refreshed.  They're sustainable too.  After extracting all of the silk fibres useable for silk production these cocoons, formed naturally by the silk moth, are carefully steam cleaned ready to for you to achieve excellent exfoliation without any nasty microbeads or chemical additives.

Silk Pillowcases are a heavenly way to enjoy beautiful, natural beauty sleep due to its friction-free, super smooth surface.  They won’t absorb night creams, hair serums or take away your skin's natural moisture leaving hair and skin feeling nourished and silky every morning.  No wonder silk pillows are highly recommended by stylists and dermatologists as an important part of every good night time skincare regime.

Super comfortable, elegant Silk Hair Turbans designed by our founder Joanna and tested extensively by our team bring the beauty benefits of Mulberry Silk to every strand of your hair overnight.  Unlike many competing products, the shiny side of the Mulberry Silk in our Turban sits against your hair, managing hair hydration and reducing frizz, split and time spent on styling processes.

Silk Lavender Eye Masks are our most luxurious of all.  Featuring deliciously cool, shiny, naturally non-absorbent pure silk on both sides it helps prevent facial creasing and dehydration at night.  As you can imagine it's perfect for sensitive and maturing skin and it's good to know it's recommended by stylists, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons as part of an effective nightly skincare routine.

Silk Sleeping Cocoons are everyone’s ideal travel companion, bringing all the beauty benefits of 100% silk whether you're at home or away.  Cocoon yourself inside the gentle, cosy environment that doesn't pull or crease your skin like other fabrics.  Our customers say it's a deeply relaxing way to retain their natural hydration while they sleep. 

Treat yourself to sustainable beauty

Our range of lovely 100% silk beauty products is waiting for you, pure and clean and sustainable.  We hope you enjoy the luxury, the comfort, the unique Holistic Silk experience.



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