How To Beat The Winter Blues

If you suffer from Seasonal Adjustment Disorder (SAD) or the winter blues and you’ve seen your joie de vivre fade away with the summer months then there’s lots that you can do to combat it.

Unfortunately winter isn’t all crisp days, cosy cashmere jumpers and lazing by a roaring fire slurping hot chocolate. Winter can be difficult and unrelenting, especially if you live in a place lacking sunshine, which can leave you feeling tired, irritable, low, and in extreme cases, depressed.

It’s thought that SAD and its milder form, the winter blues is caused by the lack of sunlight that begins around October. The clocks go back, the nights get longer and the weather gets worse so the sun can’t penetrate the vital part of your brain that regulates melatonin, serotonin and your internal body clock.

If you can’t spend all winter basking in the glorious sunshine in Barbados then try our tips below, beginning with a visit to your doctor if you feel really low in energy.

Light Therapy And Getting Outdoors

Light therapy works by stimulating the brain using really strong light, usually from a light box. Sitting in front of this for up to an hour a day could have you feeling energised and more like your summer self again.

If you’d rather try a more natural approach then aim to get outside and walk every day. The sun might not be out but the fresh air is likely to make you feel refreshed and more alert. Wrap up warm and pop on an audio book.  It’s also essential to try and get some vitamin D if you’re not already taking supplements. 

Stay Active

After work you’ll probably want to slip straight into your pyjamas and nestle under a faux fur blanket with a Hot Water Bottle and Netflix. You should definitely do that, but first, exercise.

If there’s anything that we need during winter, even more than Amaretto, its endorphins, which are stimulated by working up a sweat. Gentle exercise, such as yoga, will have you feeling energised and more likely to sleep well later on.

You don’t even have to leave the house. Set up a quiet spot, light the Deeply Relaxing Scented Candles and practice some stretches on our beautifully crafted Yoga Rug Mat. Enjoy deep relaxation afterwards and feel your joy come flooding back.

Embrace The Cosy

Hygge is a concept that we can definitely get on board with. Defined as living well and simply, it promotes cosiness and living in the moment and was coined by the Danes to help them get through the bleak winter months.

More than five candles burning at one time? Check. Abundant blankets and cosiness? Check. We also love taking the time to be present, which is becoming increasingly difficult in our digital age.

Try lighting a Deeply Relaxing Scented Candle as you enjoy your morning coffee, pop on your Massaging Slippers and pause to savour the moment and reflect on the positives in your life.

Spending time with friends and family is also an excellent way to lift the spirits. Share the hygge love and invite them round for board games and home cooked food by candle light.

Eat Healthily And Stay Hydrated

SAD and the winter blues can make you feel like over eating. When we're feeling tired and unwell we often crave carbs and salty food as opposed to the fresh, nourishing foods that would help us feel better.

We're by no means telling you to avoid mince pies and festive fizz but try and eat well and ensure that you stay properly hydrated. Our Water Crystals instill a positive energy structure to your water, re-introducing positive energetic minerals to inspire you to drink your recommended eight glasses a day.

Sleep Well

If you're feeling really low in energy then it's essential that you try and get a good sleep. Wind down properly before bed with some yoga stretches and a steaming hot bath with your favourite aromatic oils.

Dim the lights in your bedroom and light our Deeply Relaxing Scented Candle. When it comes to sleepy time, pop our Swiss Pine Pouch by your pillow, slip on our beautiful Lavender Silk Eye Mask, inhale deeply then lie back and drift off. 

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