Water Crystals

Reintroduces positive energetic minerals to water

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Inspires you to drink more water.

Water is very impressionable; the water supplied to us today is just as exposed and sensitive to the effects of electromagnetic radiation as we are. Whilst filtering removes physical toxins introducing crystals instils minerals and positive energetic structure to your drinking water.

This crystal well-being mix contains the purest forms of:

Amethyst: for calm and clarity
Chalcedony: for healing and cleansing
Ocean Jasper: to sustain and support
Rose Quartz: for love and peace
Fossilised Wood: for earthing and grounding


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Directions: Simply place the crystals into a jug or glass of water and watch the colours come alive while the crystals resonate through the water. Leave to activate for 2 hours and your crystal tonic is ready to drink. Use for approx. 10 days, then clean your crystals with a brush in cold water before reusing. 

Approx 15 crystals per bag.

Vegan Friendly

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