I just flew all the way from Italy to LA and I loved both the mask and the slippers! Especially the slippers were so comfy!

Thanks a lot!


Its the best sleep I've had in months ... THANK YOU xxx


Thank you! 

I'll take the opportunity to tell you that I'm deeply enjoying your products!

I have your yoga mat since a year and -being a yoga teacher since 25 years- I have never had such a wonderful, almost loving and nurturing, yoga mat :) 

Recently I even bought a second one, for private use at home. I also enjoy the slippers, the neck roll, and the mask for travelling...

In brief: thank you for bringing such heartwarming products into the world!

With love,

Elleke van Kraalingen

Last night I wore my Holistic Silk eye mask to bed for the first time in ages and slept so enormously well that I missed two alarms and am running late. They should put that on their ad.


Absolutely LOVE my new luxury silk and fleece Yoga Mat. Takes excercise to a whole new level! Thank you again to my amazing sister for such a thoughtful gift. Plus the colour is amazing!!


Napping with my new Holistic Silk Lavender Eye Mask was heavenly. Thank you so much! I truly love it! Can't wait to try my Hot Water Bottle with lavender tonight!


I love my new monogrammed Lavender Eye Mask so much! It is beautifully crafted and is much bigger than a regular mask, which means once it is in place the obscurity is total! A must-have if you are a regular traveller or if daylight wakes you at silly o'clock, thus disturbing your precious beauty sleep. Bonus: this sleeping mask is filled with actual lavender which exudes the most gorgeous, soothing aroma. 


Since I'm spending so much time on my yoga mat I've invested in the best comfortable mat that is - Holistic Silk! perfect for kundalini yoga... Faux leather base and cosy fleece top, filled with lavender. Could not resist buying the sleeping mask too. 


I love the Holistic Silk products and the lavender eye mask I ordered from them for my Mum arrived today... perfect timing!


From last night sleeping on silk, no more sleep wrinkles. 


My Holistic Silk collection, love this company and it's beautifully hand made yoga mats and slippers


I've wanted one of these for so long and finally bought one. Looking forward to sleep even more than usual. 


Finally they are mine! New attractive Massaging Slippers from Holistic Silk. Magnets initiate circulation and ease pain, providing a nourishing and delicious feeling. Percet for India!


This lavender filled eye mask from Holistic Silk was almost two years on my wish list! It was time to get it!


Welcoming sleep tonight with my new sleep mask and pillow with the scent of lavender


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Did You Know?

Cleopatra wore a small magnet on her forehead to maintain her fabled beauty.

Did You Know?

The ancient Chinese used magnets and magnetic material to improve the flow of chi, the internal energy which flows through channels (meridians) in the body. When you feel pain, in stiff shoulders for example, this is usually due to a blocked flow of Chi.

Did You Know?

The magnets in our insoles are placed in relation to parts of your body, from toe to heel they are:







Sciatic Nerve

The nodules in our insoles also give all parts of your internal body a massage too!

Did You Know?

Lavender lasts longer than we do! If you find the scent on your product has waned gently squeeze where you find the lavender in our Eye Masks, Eye Pillows and Yoga Rug Mats etc to rejuvenate the lavender aroma.