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Did You Know?

To create some of our exquisite pieces we use expert production units who make some of the best know international designer clothing collections as well as Holistic Silk. 

Did You Know?

Cleopatra wore a small magnet on her forehead to maintain her fabled beauty.

Did You Know?

You can wash the Yoga Rug Mat at 30-40 degrees in a washing machine, using a natural/eco washing liquid will prolong and preserve the Lavender aroma for a couple of washes. Simply sprinkle essential oil onto the Fleece side of the Yoga Rug Mat to enhance the lavender fragrance once it fades away.

Did You Know?

Lavender lasts longer than we do! If you find the scent on your product has waned gently squeeze where you find the lavender in our Eye Masks, Eye Pillows and Yoga Rug Mats etc to rejuvenate the lavender aroma.