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Revealed: Why you need an Holistic Silk Lavender Eye Mask.....

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and sleep deprived?

"More and more bedrooms are filled with LED light and bleeping gadgets, banish them! Daily continued exposure to this kind of artificial light, whilst at work, and during down time for many of us, is affecting our ability to produce melatonin.

Melatonin is required by the body to keep our sleep wake cycle in check, so we can rest and sleep effectively. Sleeping in complete darkness, with an Eye Mask allows melatonin to be produced, and blood pressure and glucose levels to drop, which enables your body to drift into restful undisturbed sleep."

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Anti Ageing Silk Moisturising Gloves

NEW Luxurious 100% silk knitted gloves to maximise absorption of hand cream.

However much we use face creams, serums and moisturisers, our hands are one part of the body that will always betray our age.

• 100% silk maximises absorption of cream into the skin.
• Cooling, comfortable and non-restrictive to wear.
• Helpful for sufferers of eczema and sore hands.

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Super luxurious yet lightweight Yoga Rug Mats

Our Yoga Rug Mat comes with a non-slip faux leather base and cosy fleece top to give comfort and reassurance while stretching and holding your pose. Recommended for hatha, restorative and yin yoga, it is gently scented with relaxing real lavender that releases it's fragrance as you practice. Also perfect for lounging and decompressing wherever you are.

Standard yoga mat size of 180cm x 63cm. Average weight only 1.5kg, so take it everywhere. Comes with a comfy contrasting carrying harness.

Anti Ageing Silk Pillow Case and Eye Mask


This Autumn we have launched new limited edition Anti Ageing Silk Pillow Cases and  Anti Ageing Silk Eye Masks in stunning Liberty prints.

Our beautifully made hypoallergenic 100% luxurious weight satin silk pillow case is super smooth and friction free, deterring facial creasing and damage to skin cells as you sleep.  Silk contains serecin which is very similar to hair protein, your hair will stay soft and silky as you sleep as hair glides over silk ensuring it is snag free in the morning.