Anti Ageing Silk Pillowcase

Works while you sleep to combat facial creasing and morning frizz. Recommended by Stylists, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons

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    As recommended for your skin by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and the 'Natural Beauty Bible' and for your hair by stylists, our beautifully made hypoallergenic 100% luxurious weight Satin Silk pillowcase is super smooth and friction free, deterring facial creasing, damage to skin cells and split ends whilst you sleep. 

    Silk contains Sericin which mirrors the protein structure of hair meaning hair is protected as it glides over Silk ensuring it is frizz free in the morning and unlike cotton, Satin Silk won't absorb your valuable night creams or natural moisture actually helping to absorb creams and retain natural moisture throughout the night leaving skin hydrated and nourished and hair silky smooth.  
    Cream and White Anti Ageing Silk Pillowcase:  £65 each
    Limited Edition Liberty Print Anti Ageing Silk Pillowcase:  £110 each


    Product Details
    At a generous weight of 19 momme Silk our pillowcases are also finished to the highest standard with French seams and satin piping throughout.  You won’t find better....
    Sized to fit a standard pillow of 74cm x 50cm each pillowcase comes with a lavender sachet to promote good rest.
    Where “Liberty” is mentioned this denotes use of original Liberty Print fabrics within Holistic Silk designs
    Useful Information


    Dimensions: 50cm x 74cm

    Each Anti Ageing Silk Pillowcase comes with a beautiful organza storage bag to make sure your pillowcase is clean and safe whether you are home or away.
    Care: Machine washable on a 30 degree silk wash.  Wash with similar colours

"We recommend Holistic Silk pillowcases (and so do women who've tried them out for us). They are definitely worth investing in if you suffer from night-time 'creases' caused by a regular pillow."  The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible